Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sticky Situation

When I was coming up for ideas for "Sticky Situation" I thought of anything that made sense. I thought of doing a thick goo and trying to incorporate something into that and I thought of doing scary or intimidating situations. Free climbing on a cliff 100ft above the water seemed like a very sticky situation. I think that I was able to think out of the box. I chose a scarier situation for a sticky situation because I thought that most of the people were going to choose sticky stuff.

 When I started, everything seemed messy and needed touching up. My moon wasn't round and my water did not look like water because of the confusing reflections on the water.

Since the main aspect to focus on was repetition, I knew I had to incorporate something that wouldn't look out of the ordinary. I chose to make the scene at night so I could include stars and their reflection.

I chose to use acrylic paint for this project and I think it had its positives and negatives. I was able to layer and fix mistakes that I made. I also like mixing the colors easily on the palette. The negative would be that it is more challenging to get a lighter tone with brush strokes than water color is.

I feel like the mini lessons were helpful for making my final product because it made me more familiar with the materials needed and the different options that I had to make my products including the different utensils that I could paint with and what brushes are good for a certain type of look.

My final product was finished with a round moon, straighter and perspective like reflections, and a more pronounced climber.

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