Art 2 Final Portfolio

I believe that my non-conventional self portrait was my most successful project. I had an idea that I stuck with even though it was very challenging and time consuming. I used newspaper as my medium to give a two tone color scheme and I decided to make my face bigger than life so that I could get more detail into the piece. The technique that I used was a completely original because I had never seen anyone use it as their medium. I used glue to stick each piece onto the board and then I put glue over the paper to seal it onto the board and give it a protective coating. Since the theme was a non-conventional medium, I believe I followed this with flying colors. Most other people also did a portrait of someone else, maybe an idol or an important person, but I thought of doing myself to try and challenge myself and see what I could really do with a medium that I had never worked with. All in all, I believe this was my most successful project and I am most proud of it.

The Up Close and Personal project was, for me, the project in which I overcame the most obstacles. This project took me the most time out of any other project because I made many attempts to perfect this project. I used colored pencils as my medium, which something that I had never used on a piece before. I had to practice shading and deepening and darkening the colors which was a challenge for me as I was being conservative with my layers. This was the project which really brought me out of my box and made me comfortable taking risks with my art with the future projects. I also took risks when creating the project because adding claws to the project was not in my original plan but I adopted them to add more character and an interesting piece to the mix. I also challenged myself in this piece because I had to stay positive when trying to redo the project over three times. It got stressful, but I overcame it and I am proud of the outcome.

These two pieces are the two pieces that I believe showed my growth as an artist. The first, was my sticky situation piece that portrays a man free climbing a cliff above the ocean. I believe that this piece required skill because I had to perfect the reflections of the moon and the stars on the water and give the allusion that to moon is glowing. The project below was my questionable project. This project brought out the creativity in me because all I knew that I was going to do was a clay piece. I decided on clay and just experimented with it. In this way, I believe that this allowed me to see the potential in all materials and let me apply the materials well. All in all, even if these were not my most successful pieces, they were the pieces that showed my growth as an artist.

With the new style of learning that was introduced, I believe that it was successful in the learning process. It allowed each student to be creative and show what they can do with many different mediums. It allowed each person to show what they know and questions to the teacher whenever they needed him. An example of my learning would be my last piece which is the questionable project. There was no set topic so I was able to come up with a completely original model that incorporated the idea of questionable and the theme of proportion. Another is my completely creative newspaper portrait which is almost unheard of and can go to prove that the way of teaching does work. It brings out the creativity in people and allows each student to express themselves in their art.

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