Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What's the Point?

1.) Besides picking the solution that I did, I thought of doing a Bulldog baring his teeth to express the idea of "What's the Point?". I also thought of a porcupine or a rocket.
2.) I chose to do a hesitant hand with a double-sided pencil and a sad shadow because it expresses a figurative and literal meaning of the main idea. It allowed me to express contrast, and I could add a bit of realism with the hand, and abstract with the shadow.
3.) I used charcoal as my medium.
4.) The main technique that i used was drawing with charcoal (vine/pencil) and blending with a paper towel. Then I added dark black lines to express contrast and give the fingers a realistic wrinkley look.
5.) I showed contrast in my work by darkening contour lines and lightening the foreground of the piece. This also allowed the hand to pop off the page more.
6.) The risks I took when doing this project are changing my subject right before starting. I thought that I wanted to do a bulldog but I switched to a more meainingful subject. This made the project a little harder on me. I also made the contours of the hand darker which i thought would ruin the piece but ended up looking better than I thought.

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